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Title: The Noise of Bliss
Fandom: Axis Power Hetalia
Character [s]: El Salvador, Germany and Prussia
Rating: T [PG-13]
Summary: [MT] Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. {Joseph Campbell}
Prompts: "Wine" and "Dancing"
Dedicated to: [ profile] raistlynn ~ hoping it bring a small smile to your face.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters; they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.
Extra Note[s]: Well this for a friend because she asked for this and the prompts were kindly provided by a rather special someone too, so wee. Also the representation of El Salvador belongs to me and the friends with who we came up with representations of certain Latin America countries, as well as some European ones.

Also the song for this is Poseidon's Tale, I was listening to this while writing. (Also God I suck at writing Hetalia stuff!!!)

It was the light sound of music what had caused him to stop. Germany had arrived late, which really wasn’t that much a surprise, and had been making his way to his room when the light sound music accompanied had reached his ears, if his house hadn’t been so quiet he would have really missed it since it wasn’t loud enough to bother anyone, clearly however that was listening was being at least respectful enough to anyone that was sleeping at the moment, more specifically his brother.

Feeling just a bit curious, the tall blond nation turned around and moved in the direction the music was coming from, which turned out to be the smallest and more private living room in his house, the one that was used for more personal affairs compared to the more lavish and luxurious one he had when his boss came over or when it was necessary for discussing political issues with the other nations, the idea of having a smaller living room for his personal use had come from Italy in one of those brief moments of brightness the other nation had from time to time.

The door opened rather silently to the rather dim lit room, the single lamp that was on was set to a rather low level but it did its purpose of providing enough light to the room and the sound of piano music became even clearer, filling the room, finding the single occupant of the room was rather easy. El Salvador was calmly sitting, on his favorite wing chair might he add, her knees were resting over one arm set while her back leaned against the other one, looking quite deep in thought since she wasn’t having any of her wine and she was only running one of her fingertips over the rim of the wine glass.

Germany observed her for a few minutes; the smaller nation had arrived the previous day for both a visit and talk about business and like it was kind of usual now he offered her to stay in his house instead of in the house of her country ambassador as dictated by protocol, he had never really had any issues with having her stay around since she was actually quite respectful of his house and rules. The more he watched her, the thoughtful expression on her face, the way her long black hair fell down her shoulders and back, it was familiar enough to stir a memory from a time long past from the back of his mind.

The young woman jumped a bit when he closed the door, just loud enough for her to hear, and turning to look at him a bit startled, almost as if she wasn’t expecting him there. "Working hard as always I see."

"I guess some things never change." He answered with a shrug, it wouldn’t be the first time she made a mention or implication about how much he worked, but he was already used to it, it was part of his routine, something constant that he couldn’t easily shake off or get rid of. "Shouldn’t you be sleeping right now, El Salvador?"

"One will think so, but I really couldn’t sleep." Finally she took a small sip from her wine, a beverage that had been most likely provided by Prussia, another bout of silence drifted by and she looked at him. "Would you care to join me or you’re too tired to do so?"

The teasing undertones on her question were obvious to him now, it had taken him quite a bit to realize it when she was teasing and not trying to insult him or imply something with it –and in the past he had really reacted a bit poorly to that, but thankfully she had never been too bothered by it. Without saying a word he just moved to take a seat on the coach that was in front of her, once he had settled the silence between them settled rather naturally only broken by the piano notes coming from whatever she was listening to, it was enough to cause her to closer her eyes for a few seconds and lean her head against the back rest of the chair.

A bit unconsciously one of her hands moved and her fingers idly played with the hem of her short pale rose silk nightgown, a motion that unintentionally drew the attention to her partly bare legs, not that he hadn’t noticed before but he hadn’t exactly outright stared at the shapely and lightly tanned legs from the other nation, despite being so short she possessed quite long, toned and distracting legs. Germany shook his head a bit, with a hint of a small blush, before focusing his attention to something else, anything will do really, which maybe explained why he now found himself examining her nails.

Through the years he had of knowing El Salvador, one of the first perks he had noticed from her was her constancy on having her finger and toe nails painted, an through the years he had seen those nails painted in a different arrays of hues, he really didn’t thought he had seen her without any sort of color in them, he had even come to notice she seemed to like bright, happy and bold colors which she somehow made work (the only color he knew she avoided like a plague was red), this time like always her nails were painted, in a strange color she had called ‘ocean’, which depending on the light it could look turquoise or emerald, the light of the lap reflecting on them like if they were made of crystal due to the base coat to keep the polish from chipping or peeling away.

A small giggle broke his examination on the perfectly done nails, not to mention the well taken care small hands, to snap his eyes up to her face and locking his blue eyes with her bright hazel ones, he really had no idea how long he had been watching her hands and if she had knew all the time that he was doing so, it was completely embarrassing that he had been caught boldly staring her down…again because it really wasn’t the first time that he did it, no matter how many times he denied that he did, at least no other nation (asides from her) had noticed him doing so.

"Germany." Her voice finally broke the now rather awkward silence, apparently having taken pity on the Aryan nation plight though her question wasn’t probably going to make things better. "Do you remember the last time you found me in this room when I couldn’t sleep?"

And it certainly didn’t made things better, considering the sudden tension on his shoulders at the question. "…Yes, I do."

It’s not as if such a thing could be forgotten, it had been during the earliest years of the second War, when his boss at the time had successfully managed to conquer great part of France and was marching ahead on his conquer of Russia, the same years he had just started to slowly get to know her due to her boss admiration (more going in the line of fascination) with his own. They had had quite an intense and nearly violent discussion back then, they had exchanged quite heated words and what not before she had merely stormed out, leaving him alone and feeling just a tad bit guilty for some of the things he had told her, though they had managed to apologize to each other before she had to cut ties with him during that time.

"Do you remember what I asked you back then?" Truthfully she had asked a lot of things, but there was one question in particular that she wanted him to remember and by the small nod from his part, he seemed to remember, she smiled and looked at him. "Last time you couldn’t answer my question or at least not truthfully, so I will ask again now, are you happy?"

"…I’m as happy as I can be." And it was more or less the truth; it was also an answer that seemed to suffice since she smiled just a bit at him, which was followed by another bout of silence, only disturbed by the sound of the piano. "Who are you listening?"

"Hmm, oh is this pianist from Croatia, his name is Maksim Mrvica." A rather bright smile appeared on her face and for a few seconds she closed her eyes, enjoying the music, before she opened them again fixing them on him. "He is quite talented, isn’t he?"

"Yes, he is." Though he was surprised that she had found about him, but then knowing about any artistic talents coming from different nations wasn’t that hard due to the media now.

"I know Croatia was kind enough to provide me with the CD when I asked her, now…" She moved to place the wine glass on the coffee table between them, before rather effortlessly moving to stand up and held a hand out to him. "Dance with me."

For a few seconds he looked at her as if she had proposed the strangest thing in the world, thinking that probably she was kidding, but it became clearer and clearer that she wasn’t. "You can’t be serious."

"I am, now come on Mr. I-seriously--need-to-loosen-up, no more excuses and dance with me." Without waiting for him to say something, she walked closer to him and tugged at him, forcing him to stand up. "Now I am quite aware that this is a small space, but we will manage."

"El Salvador…" Despite his rather serious tone of voice, which rarely worked on her, he allowed her to lead him to an appropriate spot to avoid colliding with any piece of furniture. "Why do you even want to dance?"

"Do I really need a reason?" She shrugged standing in front of him and looking up, the difference in their heights was quite clear. "You really need to learn more about spontaneity and living in the moment, now put your arms around me."

When he didn’t moved to do as asked, since he was still quite reluctant to do this, she just rolled her eyes before taking one of his arms and placed it over the curve of her waist, before taking his other hand lacing their fingers together and resting her free hand over his shoulder, once she was satisfied at their position, she smiled at him but she didn’t started to move till the notes of a new tune started. It took Germany a few seconds to fully wrap his mind on the fact that they were actually dancing, but his mind finally did and a bit automatically he started to follow El Salvador gentle motions that went in tune to the soft piano notes.

When the music started to increase its tempo, he easily fell into the transition of the mild increasing speed of their motions, going from slow and quick in a smooth pace that she had started to lead and at some point he took control over their motions when the song fell on a steady stream of increased melodious tempo and in those moments he couldn’t help but be quite aware of the soft and cold texture of the silk of the nightgown she was wearing, the feel of her smaller delicate hand on his, the way the dim light seemed to caught on her deep raven hair or the heat coming from the sudden closeness between their bodies as their twirled about the room.

Quite unconsciously, or maybe not really, Germany’s arm moved wrapping a bit against her waist with his hands resting against the small of El Salvador’s back, pushing their bodies closer and being able to truly feel the warmth seeping from her body against his own, without truly meaning to do so his hand started to slowly move up her back, her fingers tightening against his shoulder when the tips of his fingers made contact with the smooth skin of her back that was exposed by her clothing, he could even swear that in that moment he could even feel her increased heartbeat against his chest.

When the music started to slow down a bit, they stopped locking their gazes and he moved even closer to her if that was possible, enough that now he was able to pick up the scent of Valencia orange blossoms with a touch of coconut that was coming from her, it wasn’t too sweet as one would have expected and it was actually quite pleasant, it reminded him a bit of spring or a summer in the fields during more innocent times, on the brief moments he didn’t had to worry about things and he had felt free for a few moments.

His hand moved to the back of her neck, drawing her even closer and she easily followed, her warm breath caressed his lips sending a shiver against his spine before his mouth locked with hers, soft, warm and pliant lips parted beneath his and he didn’t hesitate to take the invitation. She tasted like the wine she had briefly consumed, but there was another taste underneath that, something divinely sweet that was solely hears and he couldn’t help the groan against her mouth while he pushed her backwards, pressing her against a wall when she finally responded to the fervent kiss.

It was all just too much for his senses, intoxicating even, the fading notes from the piano, the heat coming from their bodies, the heady scent that was driving him mad alongside the softness of her skin and the taste of her lips, Germany was completely sure that he had lost his mind somewhere along the way, he was sure that when El Salvador had proposed the out of the blue dance, she hadn’t expected it for it to end like this, with her against the wall while he assaulted her lips and now somehow with her legs, those accursed long legs, now wrapped around his waist (when had that happened), it was to the point that they didn’t even noticed when the music finally faded.

"You should really lock the door if you plan to get this cozy with each other."

The familiar (mocking/teasing) voice of Prussia was all it took to break whatever high they had both been in, they both quickly broke away and rather inelegantly scrambled to save whatever dignity they could at being caught like this, but judging by Prussia’s rather amused sniggering they hadn’t succeeded. But probably between the both of them, the most ashamed was Germany, while El Salvador looked flushed and was trying to make herself presentable, she was dealing way better than him with this and she looked over at Prussia with a small.

"You should learn to knock then." She walked past Germany, still flushed and mildly embarrassed. "Oh my, look at the hour, I’m so tired. I will see you both tomorrow, good night, Germany…Prussia."

With as much dignity as she could muster El Salvador quickly walked out, leaving a Germany that was wishing for Earth to someone opened up and swallowed him all to deal with his older brother, a brother that never missed a chance to tease him and that now had caught him on a rather compromising position, a VERY compromising one and one that Prussia could take full advantage off for eternity probably, the blond nearly jumped a bit when he felt his brother clapping his shoulder.

"About damn time, West," Prussia smirked rather cheekily at his younger brother, that had turned to look at him rather slowly and a bit weary. "I have to say I didn’t know you had it in you."

"Shut up, Prussia." Germany growled, just a bit annoyed before moving to turn off the music, which El Salvador had forgotten to do when she escaped.

"Aww come on, I am trying to congratulate you here." Prussia moved to take the wine glass and quickly drank what was left. "Now I can collect my money."

Germany paused at that. "…Money? What money?"

"Ah well, some of us had a pool going on about when you were going to cave in and have your wicked way with her, I won because I am that awesome, so thank you for that."

"I didn’t had my wicked wa---" Germany stopped then and glared a bit at his brother. "Why were you even betting on that?"

"Because the unresolved sexual tension between you two is so glaringly obvious, geez, is not as if you are being subtle with the way you keep staring at her most of the times." Prussia shrugged and when he noticed the look of sheer disbelief on West face, he started to laugh. "Oh don't tell me you thought no one had noticed? Even America did, though he is dense enough to not know why exactly you stare at her so much."

And now Germany was feeling an impending headache and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Just…just shut up, Prussia, as if I hadn’t been embarrassed enough for a night.”

"Fine, I will stop teasing you for the moment." Prussia moved closer and smirked at his brother wriggling his eyebrows. "So how was it? Is she a good kisser? Is it true what they say about the fiery Latina women? I mean sure I know El Salvador is hot and…"

"PRUSSIA! Don't talk about her like that, show some respect for the love of…" Germany stopped when his brother started to laugh again, he frowned rather annoyed. "What!?"

“Nothing is sweet how you raise up to defend your lady honor.” And if he could have, Prussia would have laughed more at the sudden mortified and embarrassed blush that appeared on his brother face. “Well regardless you both seemed to be enjoying it very much.”

Taking a deep breath Germany turned around and walked out of the living room, not willing to deal with his brother at the moment, and Prussia's laughter at his expense followed him for a bit. But even his brief encounter with his brother or the interruption (which Germany wasn’t still sure it was good or not) had been able to fully get rid of the remnants sensations, he could steal feel her lingering warmth, the feel of her skin against his fingers and hell he could still even taste her on his lips, sensations that he still wasn't sure if they were good or not.

Germany stopped on the way to his room when he noticed El Salvador leaning against the door of the guest room she had been given, she had apparently been waiting for him, when she heard him coming she looked up at him and smiled. Rather slowly he approached her, he knew that he needed to apologize about what had happened, it hadn't been her fault that he had apparently lost control over his actions, and being possessed by whatever that had been. When he stood in front of her, she moved to press her lips against his and once again, before he could help it he was responding to her, almost naturally and it unnerved him a bit (he didn't know if it a good or a bad way).

When she pulled back, she was as breathless as him. "Good night, Germany."

Before he could respond, she placed a last chaste kiss on his lips before she stepped inside her room and lightly closed the door behind her. For a few seconds, Germany just stood there in front of her door, before a small smile pulled at the corners of his lips. If he had to be sincere, he wasn't sure just what kind of wall had been fully tore down between them or just where this might end taking them; it could either lead to nothing or to everything, it almost felt like whatever had been brewing between him and Italy so long ago and that hadn't ended that well but this could end differently.

He had heard once a quote that said 'The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience' and maybe it was finally time for him to allow it to happen once more. With a last look at her door, he turned to walk to his room, still hearing the echoing notes of the piano in the back of his mind.

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I love this, it's awesome. (Just like East, but don't tell him we said so^^)

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