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Title: Beine
Fandom: Axis Power Hetalia
Character [s]: El Salvador, Germany
Rating: T [PG-13], with mild touch of M [R]
Summary: Some people had asked him the question in more than one occasion…
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters; they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya ©
Extra Note: This was the product of pure sheer boredom during an awful class of statistics in which I nearly felt I was going to die out of boredom and finishing this with the tunes of the Game of Thrones theme song.


Some of the nations, some more boldly than others, had asked him just what he liked the best about her. Of course that Germany being Germany had just given them a bit of an aggravated look as an answer, he considered that certain things were meant to be private and he had made it a kind of goal to keep lot of details private since their involvement was pretty much public knowledge now.

His lack of response had ended with the rest trying to guess just to the answer and they always ended giving the basic guesses of 'her smile' and others that well, he will prefer not to recall since he was pretty sure it will make anyone blush (most of those guesses were per courtesy of his brother). Though if he had to be really, really sincere the main reason he did not answered was not to protect his privacy and hers, but because the answer was embarrassing to say the least.

Because really the one thing that could and had effectively distracted him in several occasions without fail, even during the UN meetings, not to mention that it had been the very first thing he had noticed on her when they first met were her legs.

The blond haired nation was sure that the rest will find a bit strange, if they realized that he had a fascination with her legs, as if he did not had enough with people giving him grief and what not due to his book collection, letting them about what he liked the best will only add more flame to the fire and he was not particularly keen on that. There was also the other downside that his answer might pick the curiosity of the rest of the countries and they might stare at them, which he was not that keen about either since he was more than happy with being the only one noticing that.

With a annoyed sigh he shook his head and returned to his work, he really had not time to day dream about those accursed, wonderful and seemingly endless legs that were nothing but pure and sheer perfection. From the perfectly toned muscles with those nicely shaped calves of hers, the smooth lightly tanned skin and the way they moved with such graceful hypnotic motions when she moved. Since the moment he had at first saw those perfect limbs in a meeting of the now disbanded League of Nations his strange fixation with them started and there had even been some fantasies going around his head in the past.

And by the gods, now that he did not had to imagine, his obsession had turned worse. He truly and absolutely loved caressing the smooth skin with his bare hands, he craved to run his lips and tongue through the entire length of her legs, he enjoyed nibbling and leaving his mark on her calves, the inside of her knees and the tender skin of her inner thighs worshiping every single inch for as long as he could, he reveled in the feelings of those long and strong legs wrapped around his waist while he moved within her body and the way they pushed him deeper, closer to her, and it absolutely drove him mad the many ways he could arrange those perfect limbs into nearly any position he wanted…

…A deep groan escaped his lips then at the sudden and swift effect his mental images had brought over him, the feeling of sheer heat washing through his body and groaned in annoyance this time while moving to rest his head over his desk and the paperwork he was supposed to be doing, this always, always happened. Damn her and those godly legs of her that he loved so much, he was sure that it was illegal or something to have those….


The Aryan nation tensed a bit at the sound of that achingly familiar voice and slowly he raised his head a bit, only to see a pair of lightly tanned, unblemished, perfectly taut, shapely and worship worthy legs, which was counterproductive to his current state and he barely managed to keep himself from groaning again. What the fuck had happened to the rest of the fabric of that skirt? Had the damn fabric run out of it before they could finish it!?

"Are you okay?" Her question caused him to look up at her and see her small taunting smirk. "I did not know you liked to slack off."

He frowned a bit at her and moved to sit properly. "What are you doing here, El Salvador?"

"Really…how is that even a proper greeting?" With a mild glare, she moved around his desk and pushed him backwards a bit, which he really tried to stop but he sometimes really underestimated her strength and any hope he might have had about her not noticing certain things died when she smirked a bit. "AH, it seems I was wrong, you are happy to see me."

A bright flush appeared on his cheeks then, nope, he really could not say anything to save somehow some face and dignity here, and she knew it because she started to giggle then at his expense. His eyes flashed a bit at her, but she ignored it and moved his paperwork aside before moving to sit on top of his desk, deliberately crossing her legs to draw his attention to them and due to her light laugh it clearly worked.

"Well then, do not stay there and greet me properly, Germany." A cheeky smile appeared on her face and she uncrossed her legs, spreading them just a tad bit. "I have missed you after all."

It was the sight of seeing her run one of her fingers teasingly against her leg what finally snapped him and he was pretty much over her with his lips locked against hers, her back pressed against some of his important paperwork but now he had those long legs of hers wrapped around his waist, where they rightfully belonged and with his hands running down her exposed skin, just like he had longed to do for like a month already.

The other nations never failed to ask Germany what he liked the best about El Salvador, but no matter how many times they asked he was never going to answer them because that was something he wanted to keep to himself.
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